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What is Klonopin?

August 3rd, 2011 by admin


Many people work under stressful situations. In some cases, stress will lead to anxiety disorder. If anxiety disorder is not treated in time, it will lead to depression. Anxiety attacks are also called panic attacks. Various symptoms including perpetual, mental and emotional will accompany anxiety attacks. Anxiety can be cured using FDA approved medicines such as sertaline and paroxetine. You can also use Klonopin and alprazolam to cure anxiety. Klonopin is highly effective to cure anxiety disorder with minimum side effects. You are advised to seek the help of certified medical professional before deciding to use medicines for anxiety disorder.

Clonazepam is the generic name of klonopin. It belongs to benzodiazepine family. Imbalance of certain essential chemicals in the brain would lead to anxiety. Klonopin can also be used to cure some type of seizures such as myoclonus, akinetic seizures and petit mal seizures. It can also be recommended for curing Lennox Gastaut syndrome.  Clonazepam can be used for short term treatment of anxiety. The dosage of the drug varies based on the severity and type of disease.

You are advised intake of 1.5 mg of klonopin in three equal doses every day for curing seizures. You can increase the dosage of klonopin by 0.5 to 1 mg after three days. The maximum permissible dosage is 20 mg. You need to apply 0.25 mg of klonopin twice a day to cure panic disorder. You are hereby warned not to combine intake of klonopin with alcohol, narcotics and barbiturates as it will lead to enhanced sedation.
Pregnant women, who are suffering from anxiety disorders, are not advised intake of klonopin as it causes harm. Breast feeding women also advised to prevent the use of klonopin, as it interferes with breast milk. The side effects of klonopin include dizziness, sleep disturbance, sedation, headache, loss of orientation, unsteadiness and weakness.
You are advised not to continue the medicine for long term as it creates dependency. People, who are suffering from anxiety, are advised to seek the help of physician to cure the anxiety through natural medicines. Klonopin can only be used for short term treatment. The physician will diagnose the reason for your anxiety and prescribe the correct medicine.

The reasons for anxiety disorder vary from person to person. You cannot use the same medicine for every person who suffers from anxiety. The medical practitioner will first study the cause and in certain cases, the patient will be referred to psychologist. Sometimes, patients may not have any health problem and just suffering from mental illness. The psychologist will prescribe the correct medicine after studying the patient’s mental condition.

Summary: Many people suffer from some type of anxiety disorder at certain point of time in their life. It should be identified and proper medications are administered to cure the problem at the early stage. Klonopin is an effective medicine to reduce the effect of anxiety.

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